Friends of the Grape Program

4/30/2017 10:59 PM

Terms and Conditions

Your pals here at Sea Grape are excited to introduce our loyalty program. As of January 23rd, 2012 everyone enrolled in our program will begin earning points towards a $25 gift reward. For every dollar you spend you will earn one point . Once you reach 250 points you will automatically receive a $25 voucher.

Play by the rules and we'll all be smiling fools:

1) To obtain a Friend of the Grape card please stop by the shop at 512 Hudson St. You could either fill out a short registration form or ask us to plug you into the system.

2) After the first transaction your points will begin accumulating, present your card or state your name at the beginning of each transaction and once you reach 250 points a screen pops up and we'll hook you up.

3) Reward points do not carry over to the next reward cycle. ex . 240 + 20 = $25 reward and 0 pts not $25 reward and 10 pts.

4) The $25 reward can only be used for one transaction. Apply it towards a few bottles or snatch up that $22.99 bottle you've had your eye on.

5) Reward points cannot be used in conjunction with our half- & full-case discounts. Reward vouchers cannot be combined to achieve a larger reward amount.

6) Spirits purchases are not eligible for the "Friends" program. Wine only.

7) Loyalty cards and credit are not transferable.

Thank you for joining.

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Drinking, Not Tasting Wine

4/30/2017 10:51 PM

I don't think you should taste wine! You should drink it. I mean you have to taste it. It's like jumping in the water and getting wet. You can't do one without the other. We just get so nuts about wine. There shouldn't be wine tastings. We should have wine drinkings.
That’s about it.
There are people that are good at tasting and there are people that are good at drinking wine. I usually feel more comfortable hanging out with the latter. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of cool friends (brag) that happen to know a lot about wine and the more you know about something the more you can enjoy it. For example, where it’s from, the soil, the hills, what the farmer next door grows... Who makes the wine? Some funky woman who sky dives naked (maybe that’s too much information). See what I mean, sort of? If you care, fine. If you don’t and just want a glass of cabernet with your steak that’s fine too.
Wine and Food
Wine is not what most Americans do. It’s not how we were raised, by and large. I can't picture my Italian grandfather ever going to a formal wine tasting, but no way is he sitting down to lunch without a glass of red wine.
It makes food taste better, that’s just how it is. Think of a great chef sitting down to a great meal that took hours and hours to make with a glass of Diet Pepsi. Probably not.
Wine Bullies
We've made wine this snobbish, geeky, “I-know-and-you-don’t” sort of a thing. We all know the type, the guy that tells you the wine you brought to the party is caca. Nine out of ten times they know less than you. This is where a good wine shop comes in. We'll stand behind you when you face up to the wine bullies, the wine will be good and your Portuguese Duoro will be much hipper then his same old California merlot. But be prepared for all the adulation you will inevitably receive. Fame can be a burden, but I know you can bear up to it.
It Takes a Lot of Good Beer to Make Good Wine
The only way to learn about wine is to drink it. See? We didn't use the “T” word. Opening bottles, there is no other way, that’s a good thing. People always come into Sea Grape and say, "Every time I come in here, you guys are always drinking." The reply is with a smile, "No, we're tasting. It only looks like we're drinking.”
Remember we are wine professionals. And what do real wine men and women do after a long day of tasting? Go out and have a beer. All true wine people love beer. There is even a saying that goes like this: "It takes a lot of beer to make good wine." No snobbery there. Just a bunch of people drinking, er, tasting wine until their teeth get fuzzy.
But seriously folks, wine merchants must taste wine, a lot of wine. How else do you know, really know, the new vintages, the new shipments, after it’s been around for a few months. Are you feeling sorry for us yet?
I hope that sheds some light about how we here at Sea Grape feel about wine. If you have any questions, let us know. Send your questions to  Or call us at 212 463 7688 for friendly, informed service.
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