Terms and Conditions

Your pals here at Sea Grape are excited to introduce our loyalty program. For every dollar you spend you will earn one point . Once you reach 250 points you will automatically receive a $25 voucher.

Play by the rules and we'll all be smiling fools:

1) To obtain a Friend of the Grape card please stop by the shop at 512 Hudson St. 

2) After the first transaction your points will begin accumulating, present your card or state your name at the beginning of each transaction and once you reach 250 points a screen pops up and we'll hook you up.

3) Reward points do not carry over to the next reward cycle. ex . 240 + 20 = $25 reward and 0 pts not $25 reward and 10 pts.

4) The $25 reward can only be used for one transaction. Apply it towards a few bottles or snatch up that $22.99 bottle you've had your eye on.

5) Reward points cannot be used in conjunction with our full-case discounts. Reward vouchers cannot be combined to achieve a larger reward amount.

6) Spirits purchases are not eligible for the "Friends" program. Wine only.

7) Loyalty cards and credit are not transferable.

Thank you for joining.